Expensive Ride to Straight Mountain

June 15, 2008 at 7:44 pm 2 comments

A beautiful day today, perfect for a ride.  I spent the early morning doing a little yard work, and decided to reward myself.  I headed out, with no destination or route in mind, just following the roads I took.  Ended up on a 4-lane highway, having the time of my life, zipping down the road, dodging patched potholes and roadkill and shadows and whatever else there was to swerve around.  And singing.  If you’ve ever sang in a full-face helmet, you can appreciate that.  Sorta like singing in the shower, but better.  The close quarters make for some great sounds.  So I start out with Arlo Guthrie’s Motorcycle Song, “I don’t want a pickle, just want to ride my motorsickle…”.  Went downhill from there, on to an old one from 6th grade chorus class, Old Joe Clark.  Things couldn’t have been better.

Until I heard the sound of a siren.  Huh?  Yeah, blue lights in the mirror.  Ah shit.  Throttle down, turn signal on.

Now, I was in an area that was a little built up, with small businesses on either side of me, but it was Sunday morning church time in small-town Alabama and the roads were about deserted.  I hadn’t paid attention to any speed limit signs, but thought the limit must be 50 or 55.  Though I was doing a bit more than that.  I had thought it a little strange that the Camaro had dropped back so far, but was having too much fun to worry about it much.

Well, it was time to worry.  First decent place to stop was a place that makes tombstones.  Fitting.  The cop was nice enough when he informed me the limit in the stretch I just rode through was 40mph in some places and 45mph in others.  <Gulp>  Yep, I’m getting a ticket all right.  He cut me a favor, took 10mph off my speed, so I couldn’t be mad at him, I totally deserved it.

So I keep on heading up that same road, a much more subdued rider.  Thinking of two things, getting OFF that highway, and finding some roads to make the day’s fare worthwhile.  And did I.  Headed through Springville past Homestead Hollow, and found Pine Mountain, a beautiful scenic road, and kept on going til I hit a T in the road with a gas station on the right, pulled in for a pit stop.  By this time I had no idea where I was – I have a completely unreliable bass-ackwards sense of direction – and thought about asking for directions, but decided to just keep following my nose.  Took a right, which led me down a great motorcycling road with cool hills and curves in the middle of nowhere.  Then I saw the sign – Straight Mountain Baptist Church.  Doh!  Not a place for this directionally-challenged lesbian to be wandering around!  U-turn at the first chance, back down the mountain, making my way back towards my urban comfort zone.

If you ride or have ridden, you know what a day like that can do for your spirits.  It’s a completely in-the-moment experience, makes me say wheeee like a fun ride at the fair.  Today I rode about 120 miles, around 3 hours and it would have been about perfect if not for the small-town road tax.  And can’t wait til the next time!


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Blue Haze …but is it fun?

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  • 1. John  |  June 30, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    Your story does bring back memories. I remember once not feeling well and staying home from work. I was sitting in the living room in a red haze. Then I thought well I will go out for a ride. I was just poking along until this fool pulled into the lane with me before I was past him. You know how it is you punch it and feel the power. The next thing you know you see the blue lights falling behind.

    By the time I slowed down I was in another state. I was lucky though the small town tax was avoided.

    I will have to try the singing in the full face helmet though.

  • 2. letsxplor  |  July 1, 2008 at 6:51 am

    Hehe, John, THAT’s the part I missed, the lights falling behind…


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